“Music is in my view, the onlyform of art at 360 degrees, towards all directions, the true art in its highest expression, invisible, impalpable, but exciting, a real tonic for the being human “






… Apart from this consideration, I considered it appropriate to open a site, a meeting place, which is directed to all the musical sensitivity of the whole world, being the music (I always think) an almost cosmic, eternal taste and universal. For centuries, all the typical expression of human feelings continue and live inside it  go on ...


 (From Author’s private collection)


I have chosen as the opening comments to my collection, the name of Paolo Giorza, precisely because it represents the typical romantic century musician who, after writing music taste typically patriotic, emigrated to the Americas (Seattle) and then he went ( from old to new continent) in Australia and there, like a pioneer, he composed the national anthem of that country, showing claw music, the sole language of notes, the true "Esperanto" of a universal and understandable thought in all countries.


As a collectionist (or better musical amateur researcher), I entered the crawl booklet opera "Alba Barozzi" the milan's teacher Paolo Giorza (the so-called "Strauss Italian, for the number of its brilliant dances ...)


I would be grateful to have news about the printing of this book, that the Rolandi, cites in the "Enciclopedia dello Spettacolo" , as a draft press, or I am wrong?

I would know more, if possible

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