Continuing my exploration in the collection of musical scores, I felt important and perhaps curious, give a thought, a hope, a witness to the composer Romeo Monza Gerosa, whose existence, not very long, seems today to be returned to the memory and probably , Rediscovered.


Here, I present a scan image of the musical score "Con lei ...", Gerosaís mazurka, signed autograph pen in the upper right, by the same artist.


(From Authorís private collection)



I can already represent a valuable document of his time, demonstrating the importance that the musician Lombard gave this score.

Gerosa, curiously, it could, for reasons that explain later, approached the famous citizen of Padoa Arrigo Boito.

At Monza, and it is worth remembering, there has been a street dedicated to him, and this says a whole about the city's crown iron has devoted to this illustrious fellow, estimator of the great composer and bussetano Parma: Giuseppe Verdi.

This curious musical score manuscript that, from my not professional studies, I was able to detect, by title:



Sempre Bionda !

mazurka di

Amoroso Rege

violino II

(From Authorís private collection)





The title denotes a cheerful character and youthness, with that exclamation point that gives emphasis to this mazurka that, in just two facades, gives us joy in every joke!

The most curious, sarcastic, humorous thing of the author (Amoroso Rege), this pseudonym makes it a good idea about the relationship (Scapigliatura or not) for the author to Boito (he used the pseudonym Tobia Gorrio)and, as you will already have guessed, is no less than the anagram of Romeo Gerosa.


Another piece of musical curiosity entering the history of staff? probably, but who has two first place?

Probably the 'Arrigo from Padua, but is waiting to be discovered.

The history of music, as demonstrated by this and other episodes is a whole chain of connections, as in a large family, where the notes are the bizzarry of certain members of the same and the staff, the value of reference.

In a short space, we were able to link the affinity between four composers:


Verdi†††††††††† Boito†††††††††† Gerosa††††††††††††††† Ponchielli



5 Aprile 2008, by Carlo Lamberti



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